A kinder version of each Klimber featuring closer steps for kitties with arthritis or other limitations.


A single step platform suitable for attaching to a wall or fence

Enables the owner of a small or less agile cat to create an access ladder for their kitty.

Ideal for below a ground floor window, an internal wall, a garden wall which has become too much for kitty to climb over, anywhere that is appropriate for your kitty.

Supplied with fixings and necessary drill bit

Available in packs of 4, 8 and 12 steppers.

4 Pack of Steppers – £72.00

8 Pack of Steppers – £125.00

12 Pack of Steppers – £175.00


Set at 4ft / 1.2M tall the KATIE features three easy incremental access steps ascending to a generously comfortable lounging 4th (top) platform.

Free standing format set upon a large heavy base for extra stability the KATIE offers height, solitude and a great snoozing platform for sunny afternoons in the garden.

Katie Klimber – £239.00

Katie Wall Klimber – £219.00

Chico Wall Klimber

One of our premium ‘Older and less able’ range the CHICO stands a glorious 5’0” tall with four easy progression steps ascending to a fifth, generously proportioned, top deck .

The first step is positioned lower on the central pillar and the tower has a total of 5 levels, set at c.30cm increments. This allows even the most arthritic feline a comfortable ascent to the lounging platform.

Chico Wall Klimber – £325.00

Upgrade to the Super Chico Wall Klimber which features a superior, heavy base, huge top deck and extended fourth deck for more luxurious lounging and area space.

Super Chico Wall Klimber – £385.00



Our cat trees come in a range of styles and sizes to suit any space.

If you cannot find one to suit your requirements please contact Peter on 0779 675 8186 to discuss the creation of a bespoke klimber.

Cats love to scratch and sharpen their talons. We offer manila rope applications to the lower pillar to provide the perfect solution for kitty!

We offer payment via PayPal (preferred), cheque or BACS.

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If you have any questions on our range or would like some advice on the best cat tree for your feline friend, please contact us.



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